a heartical view

On the outskirts of the lake and marsh area are drier fields where cattle and sheep live their lives, they have this habit of distracting me and seem to enjoy posing for the camera…they are quite often curious and stroll over….maybe its that red light on my camera…?

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The World according to Dina

Zum Abschluss der Serie “Zur dunklen Seite des Blaus” soll nun das Wort zu Wort kommen. Damit sind wir fertig mit Blau. 🙂

Bernd Geisler:

Wie die blaue Mauritius eine blaue Rückseite bekam

Die blaue Mauritius erlebte ihr blaues Wunder:
Sie genoss Novalis’ blaue Blume
hoch auf dem Blauen Wunder in Dresden,
blickte von dort in die Blaue Grotte von Capri,
darinnen floss der Blaue Nil.

Dabei aß sie Aal blau, holte sich einen blauen Fleck am Geländer
und machte sich selbst und allen anderen blauen Dunst vor.
Trotzdem erlangte sie nicht das Blaue Band des Ozeans –
es war ihr blauer Montag. Sie bekam einen blauen Brief.

Sie konnte noch so das Blaue vom Himmel lügen,
vom Blauen Eisenhut naschen,
dafür nach dem Blauen Engel schielen,
mit unseren blauen Jungs flirten,
ihnen eine Fahrt ins Blaue versprechen:
Sie lief nur blau an, und zwar auf der Rückseite.


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He slept beneath the moon.  He basked beneath the sun;  He lived a life of going-to-do, And died with nothing done-

If there was ever a time to turn away from CultFit, today would be that day!  The topic of discussion today is going to be neither coherent nor digestible and is probably easier read over a cup of absinthe rather than our customary cup of green tea.  So on that note … If you are late to your 9am Cardio Blast or 10am WAD at the local “Box“?  Look at the pretty pictures, all too real videos and carry on with your fine day…

You’re Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

And this concludes our conversation about staying true to yourself and not jumping onto the latest fitness trend(s) : You’re damned if you are  too supportive to “these” people and you…

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This is a combination of two of my favorite foods! Breakfast (or, meal rather) and egg rolls! I got the idea after the mac n cheese spring rolls that maybe I can put ANYTHING into these little rolls and fry them an have them be delicious! so far, so good!

Ingredients I used:

3 eggs

Small block of tofu

Salad mix (the one with shredded carrots works best!)

Canola oil


Egg roll wraps

Begin my scrambling your eggs and frying your tofu (or meat, if you’re into that).


Once those are finished cooking let them cool and begin to prepare your rolls. Put about a tablespoon of eggs, a tablespoon of salsa, a small strip of tofu (or meat) and a bit of salad mix, then roll like a burrito! or, like, the image below.

Once you have a gratuitous amount rolled, you can begin frying them…

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